France: Muslim attacked 11 elderly people in Cannes, shouting Allahu Akbar – media quiet

“Man attacks 11 people before throwing them in the water

Nice Matin, Wednesday 24 August 2016

A 42 years Muslim attacked eleven elderly people on the Old Port of Cannes, France, then threw them into the water, shouting Allahu Akbar.

The terrorist – (Nice Matin calls him “homeless” to let you believe that he is a victim, when he is, in fact, a violent jihadist), attacked a soft target: elderly tourist enjoying their romantic French Riviera holiday.

According to witnesses, the Muslim violently beat his victims, then threw them into the water screaming Allahu Akbar.

The victims were slightly injured by the attacker, but they are in shock. Nice Matin reported that he also attacked the firefighters when they arrived on the site.

The attacker was arrested by police and taken into custody. But the previous week, he assaulted his mother and a neighbor in Antibes, and was released.

He appeared today Wednesday before the Grasse Criminal Court who sentenced him to jail time.


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So, our country of France has been attacked again by a Islamist Attacker attacks eleven elderly people, how many more attacks will the current government of the Republic allow before finally outlawing and banning the open practice of Islam and outlawing  the preachers and online websites?

It is time, to restore the Capet family back to the throne and restore the Catholic Monarchy and State, to shut down and search all mosques and check everyone and everything to finally cut off the radicalization tools and information and finally cut off the blood flow to these groups.

This must be done now and no longer wait, join and support ORDO MILITARIUS

SO We can come to the defense of our brethren and the helpless, where no one is defending them.


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