I Support The Burkini & Burka Ban

What is the Burkini?  It is a special Burka made for swimming in, but I remember a episode of NCIS Los Angeles where this specialized team of secret NCIS that does Special Ops missions to rescuse military people, the female agent with the team was over in the Middle East in the Taliban garb to take out a target, this female agent was in a burka and she had a rifle under that thing and no one knew it until it was time to act, a real life situation was with Chris Kyle in Iraq, his first time as a sniper, this woman in a burka and her child, pulled a china made grenade from the burka and handed it to the son to throw to kill Marines.  He had to kill both, woman and child, because they were a threat and targeting Marines coming around the corner.

The only two places one can see who it is, the eyes and feet, but there is a more open one where it is tight and full face is revealed and is more like a wet suit.  The wet suit one is okay, because it was some what around for everyone in the past before the horrible bikini was made.

But the Traditional Burka must be banned, not out of hating of Muslim people, but for security concerns, because a man could put that robe on and hide underneath it a full size rifle and walk upto a place or a beach and could cause a lot of deaths and all terrorists activities must be stopped and to make sure nothing of these groups are able to act or get into soft targets by any means possible.

By using a burka, it is a personal trojan horse that could be used when it is for a traditional religious dress for women and now being used or could be used to cause a terrorist attack, this must never happen, I would like all women wear the wet suit and if they must have a cover on their head, wear the wet suit cap that is part of scuba wet suit design of this type of swim suit.  This way the bikini is removed, no one should see a woman in that way except her husband in private.

This is what I believe must happen to secure our beaches and restore modesty.



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