About Me

My name is Andrew Baalman and I’m 27 years old; born and raised in Kansas and love it where I am, I graduated from high school in 2007, began my two year college term in El Dorado Kansas at an amazing school and things began to change, transferred to a college near home, 30 miles away due to my friend loosing his brother and wanted to be closer to home in case anything happened, nothing did. Finished my first year, that college near home was horrible and dangerous, I had to report some gang members from D.C. to the college and city police and I knew my life was in danger and I was scared. Plus, my faith got very weak, so I decided to not return for my second and final year. Long story short, my mom gave me a book by Catholic writer and speaker Matthew Kelly Rediscovering Catholicism and it lit a fire in me and thought God was calling me to the Priesthood, so our bishop told me to study my faith even deeper and at that instant, I was able to read and comprehend the Great Teachers of the Faith and their works. But, one doctor visit changed my life, found out I had Low Testosterone and so they; the doctor and nurses gave me replacement therapy injections of Testosterone and it has been a long eight years, been really ill with severe headaches, severe light and sound sensitivity, horrible weight gain, my Pituitary Gland that controls almost everything of the human person is broken from the reaction I had to the Testosterone and also my Adrenal Glands are acting up from it too. Our final specialist check up was told that they did everything we could and they also put in a shunt in my back with tubes to the lower stomach to drain the excess spinal fluid off my brain.

But, it has been something of a great gift, I have been able to read and study the Faith more, but the worse thing is I can’t go to Mass and here the Sacraments aren’t brought to the home, but to the hospitals and nursing homes. And the Pituitary Gland, I learned controls the sexual stuff, urges, thoughts, everything, I almost need to do what St. Francis did, jump into a thorn bush, the attacks from the gland are medical but I also believe from the evil one making it worse. So, while I read and pray and watch Mass on EWTN or the Latin Mass on the computer, I have begun working on my family tree; on the Baalman side which is my Father’s side and the Stimatze and Pulver side is my Mother’s side, as you can see from what I have shared, there is a Rich Royal Blood Line of all Europe and I have been paying closer attention to what is happening over in Europe and so glad my people of Britain got their Independence, now we must help get main land Europe free from the EU and so I have with council to a Franciscan Brother I talk to these things on, decided to follow in my Royal Family’s footsteps and created The Charlemagne Party after my 1st Cousin of 57 Generations.

When I can afford it, I buy books on my family members that are written and learn how they governed and what they did and also bought a book of Political Writings by a Dominican Friar, Political Writings of Fr. Francisco de Vitoria to help me in learning on these matters.

May Jesus’ Sacred Heart and Mary’s Immaculate Heart keep you and protect you,




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